Brunch: Grounded Coffee Company

I love brunch. You probably know that already. You just need to look at my Instagram to know how many brunches I try to pack into my weekend (the answer is 10). That’s why it’s appropriate that I kick off this section of my blog with brunch; for it is the finest way to start the day.

Grounded Coffee Company: 1 Minute Review 

Where: 9 Whitechapel Rd, London, E1 1DU

Price: Price wise it's completely reasonable. I ordered scrambled eggs, pancakes, quiche with salad, and tea and it amounted to just over £20. Bargain!

Cuisine: Modern British

Dietary Requirements: Vegetarian and vegan options available. Halal meat served. 

Food Quality: Good

Perfect For: Casual Sunday brunch. 

What to Wear: Casual

Grounded Coffee Company Review

The Grounded Coffee Company is my favourite brunch place. It has everything I love about brunch and coffee shops rolled into one. Relaxed atmosphere, people on laptops writing while others read books and lots of people enjoying a good chat.

Perfect example of people "coffee shopping" Please excuse lovely husband's arm, he couldn't care less when I am trying to take a picture when food is involved. 

This Saturday (because why wait for Sunday) it was at it’s best. Playing tunes like Green Light by Lorde and Don’t Act Like You Know Me by Javi Persa in the background. Points for playing my kinda music obviously. I don’t know if I would care to eat their eggs if I had to listen to Frank Sinatra in the background.


For coffee lovers, you get great coffee here too. So worry not latte lovers and cappuccino gulpers. But I opted for the humble tea on this occasion because cool little brunch places aren't just for coffee. I respect tea's position in the "hot drinks" category and so it deserves to be ordered in nice brunch places from time to time. 
Buttermilk Pancakes
Grounded has a great little menu with all the usual suspects like pancakes, eggs florentine, royale and benedict (not Cumberbatch, you don't get Benedict Cumberbatch served with hollandaise sauce) you DO get scrambled eggs on sourdough bread though. 

The pancakes are great here. They are fluffy and light and freshly made and smell like vanilla, home baking and all the good things in life. I'm quite clear on what a good and bad pancake is. I did the mistake of going to the IHOP (the International House of Pancakes) once AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL is all I can say. Nothing worse than when you have your heart set on a pancake and someone gives you a flat, tasteless bread like thing that is still half frozen (this is not an over exaggeration unfortunately, it was actually frozen). I felt robbed. 

My point is, this is the opposite of awful and you should definitely order the buttermilk pancakes if you visit.

Spinach and chicken quiche with side salad

Because I must fit in as many branches as possible I decided to have two. Yes - girl can eat. As well as what's on the menu they have a whole selection of quiches, salads, cakes and savoury pastries. It's one of those cafes where you have to go up to the counter to browse and this results in panic because of the pressure to order and the variety of gorgeous things on offer. So you end up ordering the first thing you can point at. The good thing is, almost everything is yummy so you can't really go wrong. 

The toasted croissant with a cheese and turkey ham filling is delicious you should definitely try that out. The chicken and mushroom quiche is the only quiche they didn't nail in my opinion. Sorry guys...I still love you. 

It just occurred to me that I should never have told you about this place. It's absolutely packed on a Sunday as it is. So...please ignore this post, the food is horrible, the staff vulgar, you shouldn't go. 

Ok. In all seriousness, if you are looking for a relaxed brunch place, then this could be the spot for you. Check it out.

Yup. I ate all that food.

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