5 Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

Holiday season is here and I am planning my next getaway. Inspiration hasn't struck me yet, so if you have any good ideas let me know! Meanwhile, I thought I would give you some inspiration and tell you what I got up to on my visit to Malaysia. 

Visiting Kuala Lumpur: Key Planning Points

Location: Malaysia. Direct flights from London to Kuala Lumpur are approximately 13 hours.

Best Time to Visit: May - July for warm dry weather.

Type of Holiday: City break

Ideal Length of Stay: 4 Days.

Why Visit: For a jam-packed city break with great food and if you are an animal lover, you won't be disappointed!

What to Pack: Light airy clothes for the humid weather and sandals. People don't tend to flash too much flesh in KL and Batu Caves is also a religious site which has a modest dress code, so pack a longer skirt/trousers.

What To Do In Kuala Lumpur 

I visited Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur, in August. The weather was hot and humid. Lovely husband and I decided to stop over for 3 days on our way to Bali for our honeymoon. KL, as it's commonly known, has an old meets new vibe about it. The streets look dusty and dry because of the heat but then you come across huge malls buzzing with people, beautiful restaurants and ultra-modern buildings.  There is no shortage of things to do and cabs are cheap so it’s easy to get around (but watch out for the swindlers at tourist spots!)

So, here are some things worth checking out while you are in KL.

1. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
Kuala Lumpur Bird Park - Grumpy Bird :(
Kuala Lumpur has some of the most beautiful and exotic birds. Ok, the little guy is not the best example, he is a bit grumpy but he was the only one willing to let me take a picture. I love animals so seeing exotic birds was right up my street and it's only a 10 – 15 minutes drive from the city centre.

The park is extremely humid so dress for the occasion with walking shoes and bring lots of water! 

The park is huge and houses more than 3,000 birds.  A lot of the birds are left to roam around freely which is one of the unique things about this park. As I was walking around I saw peacocks minding their own business as they walked by visitors and hornbills sitting in trees watching what was going on down below.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
The birds are fed throughout the day and you can watch as they throw food up into the air and let the birds swoop in to catch it. They control the feeding by using gates which allow them to section off areas in the park.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
The park is made to resemble a tropical rain forest so it’s hot and humid (it’s best to bring a bottle of water with you). It reminded me of Jurassic Park minus the deadly dinosaurs. This picture was taken standing behind a mini waterfall. 

Seeing so many different species of birds one after another is incredible. You see tiny little birds hopping around enjoying the weather, colourful parrots and even massive meat-eating birds (astonishing). It’s definitely worth a visit.

2. Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC
From birds to fish! KL’s aquarium is right in the city centre. Lovely husband and I literally hopped out of our hotel and walked down the road to get there. It’s located in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

I’m ashamed to say this but I was a stereotypical Brit and bought myself a Starbucks coffee on my way to the aquarium (it was a moment of weakness) only to discover there is a full security check on entry and coffee doesn't make the cut. Lovely husband found this hilarious because this isn’t the first time a security check has resulted in my coffee being thrown out. So watch out, security for the fish is high and you may lose food!

Aquaria KLCC
The aquarium has a great collection of sea life including sharks! It also has many posters telling you that they can put you in a cage before lowering you into a tank of sharks so that you can propose to your girlfriend who will be watching, safe and sound, on the other side…..

So, keep those rings ready boys. Into the shark tank you go!

3. Batu Caves

Batu Caves
Batu Caves is a limestone hill (it’s more like a mountain) that is comprised of three natural caves. You need to climb 272 steps to get to the caves, so wear trainers and bring dedication.

It is also a Hindu religious site and therefore you need to be appropriately dressed when visiting. I generally saw people wearing trousers, below the knee skirts and T-shirts. 

Even if you decide to give the ol’ stair climbing a miss, this site is definitely worth a visit. There is an incredible amount of natural beauty to see and because of the enormity of the limestone hill, you feel like an ant that has walked into a giant’s castle.

4. China Town

KL China Town
KL China Town
China town is where the night life is! I took this picture at the Petaling Street Market. Stalls open from around 10 am but it only really gets busy at night. You can buy handbags, t-shirts, souvenirs, jewellery and watches. You can pretty much buy a fake anything here. Handbags and purses are sold at almost every stall and unless you look at the inside zips you would never know they were fake!

There are loads of packed out restaurants and stalls selling food too.  

5. Petronas Towers, KLCC Park and Suria KLCC Mall

The Petronas Towers, KLCC Park and Suria KLCC Mall are all in the same location. You can wander through the mall, go up the Petronas Towers and then have your dinner by the park's water fountain in the evening. 

Suria KLCC Mall
The Suria KLCC Mall is huge and big enough to get lost in. I don't think there is a single brand you can't find in this mall and it stays open until 10 pm. 

Petronas Towers
The Petronas Towers are probably KL's most famous tourist attraction. They are the world's tallest twin towers. I took this picture from our hotel's top floor (the Grand Hyatt hotel) which looks directly onto the towers. The Petronas Towers are open until 9 pm most days if you fancy going up to the top. 

Behind the famous Petronas Twin Towers and the Suria KLCC Mall is a lovely park between all the skyscrapers. A lot of the mall's restaurants look onto the park's water fountain which is where the Lake Symphony Water Show is also held. It's typically on at 8, 9 10 and 11 pm and lasts for 5 minutes. I took the above picture during the display. 

Other Places To Visit in KL

There are loads more places to visit in KL. If you enjoy city breaks then this is definitely the place for you. Here are some other places worth visiting.

Merdeka Square & Kuala Lumpur City Gallery -  You can find a collection of pictures and paintings of KL's history here.

Bukit Bintang - This is where KL's younger crowd hangs out. It has plenty of restaurants, nightlife and places to shop.

Masjid Negara - This is the national mosque of Malaysia. It's huge and has capacity for 15,000 people.

Orchid Garden - A peaceful and beautiful garden full of gorgeous orchids if you fancy getting away from the city.

Brickfields Little India - This is an area full of Indian shops and restaurants.

Islamic Arts Museum - The museum houses old Quranic manuscripts, has an Islamic architecture gallery and a reconstructed Ottoman Syrian room.  

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