How to Stop Buying Clothes But Having Nothing To Wear

This has to be the ultimate first world problem. ASOS is tired of you and you have no space in your cupboard.  You seem to shop all the time but never have anything to wear! It's a real problem because it wastes your time and money.   

I doubt there is a girl that hasn't gone through this at some point (or is still going through it). I definitely have. There is a little thrill I get out of buying new clothes. It's the excitement of wearing something new and feeling like "hello world, isn't my outfit exceptionally well put together today?" Even though no one has remotely noticed. 

The new item of clothing gets pride of place in my cupboard. Its has its very own hanger and is possibly my favourite thing to wear...for a week. Then it eventually fades into the abyss with the rest of my clothes at the back of my cupboard. Low and behold again I would have nothing to wear! 

I went through a phase where I did this all the time. Eventually I realised that I was always going to have "nothing to wear" because shopping wasn't the problem. 

Here is how I now manage to keep finding things to wear and how you can too. 

Step 1 - Tidy Up

Everything is so appealing in a shop because everything is well laid out and ironed!

So first things first, tidy up your cupboards. Mostly we can't find anything to wear because we quite literally can't find anything. 

Give away any clothes that you no longer want or need to charity. There is no point hanging onto things that haven't seen the light of day in the past 6 months.

Step 2 - No Duplicates 

Don't buy multiple items that are the same style. You are going to really have to think about this one to notice yourself doing it. 

We all have a particular style or taste which means without realising it we pick up items that are very similar or basically the same. Go for different colours, styles and fittings. Don't buy anything that is similar to what you have. It's not adding anything to your wardrobe. 

Step 3 - Focus on Accessories 

Accessories can update and change an outfit and if you are anything like me I bet you don't even use half of the accessories you have. Tidy up your handbags, scarfs and jewellery so you can see what you have, then get creative with putting things together. 

Step 4 - Only Buy a Few New Season Items

There is a tendency to feel like you are completely out of date and need to really get out there and do some "proper" shopping to update your wardrobe. In all honestly, life doesn't change as much as you think in one season so you are better off identifying a couple of on-trend items and buying a grand total of 2 - 3 new pieces. 

Step 5 - Use Pinterest / Fashion Bloggers

Check out Pinterest and fashion blogs to get new outfit ideas.

If you are stuck on what to wear this can remind you of what you have in your wardrobe and give you a new way of putting things together.

You don't need to have the exact items pictured. You can easily replicate a look according to the colours and styles used. 

Step 6 - Love Everything You Buy

We definitely all have items we have bought that aren't quite right. The fitting isn't exactly right, the colours are off and some shoes definitely hurt. 

Firstly, I hope you got rid of those items in step 1. Secondly, don't buy them. If you aren't 100% sold on something just let it go because when it comes to finding something to wear you will always disregard an item of clothing that isn't "perfect".

There you have it guys. I'm off to clear out my cupboards again and get rid of some shoes that hurt. 


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