Busy Girl's Guide to Fitting In Exercise

Firstly, that is me in my happy leggings. I love colourful workout clothes even though I look like the candy floss girl next to all the sophisticated gym goers dressed in black. But hey, as Madonna once said, girls just wanna have fun. 

Like a lot of people I'm someone who is always pretty busy and sticking to an exercise routine can get a bit tricky. Between going to work, cooking dinner, going out, seeing your friends, maybe watching some TV, (writing this blog) it feels like 3 – 4 gym sessions a week are just not gonna happen. 

Plus, if you're like me, then saying no to going out because “I have to go the gym tonight” is also not gonna happen. I just want to have fun!

So here are some ideas on how you can fit exercise into your busy day:

1. Morning Workouts

Don’t freak out. I know this sounds awful but mornings are really one of the best times to work out. If you have a lot on in the evenings or you are a spontaneous person and want to be completely flexible with your time, try morning workouts.

2. Outdoor Running

This is a handy way of fitting in exercise during your working day. Take your gym kit with you and go for a 30 minute run at lunch. If you usually can’t afford a lunch break then this might mean you have to finish up work a little later than usual but remember the time you have spent at work now also includes your gym time!

3. Try Fun Activities

When you have a busy schedule then you really don’t want to add another task to your to do list. Finding some time to have fun, however, is another matter.

Why not try going for a swim one evening, taking up a Zumba, boxing, or yoga class. This way it won’t feel like a chore, it will just be some fun me time. Try looking up some pay as you go classes in your area.

4. Do Efficient Workouts

You don’t need to sweat it out for an hour in the gym; you just need to do a really efficient workout for 30 minutes. Try ditching the treadmill and focusing on compound exercises (exercises that use more than one muscle group at a time).

Try making yourself up a circuit combining things like burpees, sit ups, press ups, lunges and push yourself really hard for 30 minutes.

Exercises like these will help you build muscle, burn calories and get stronger. It's also a HIIT workout which means you will continue burning calories long after you have finished.

5. Break Up Your Workouts

Don’t adjust your life around your workouts, adjust your workouts around your life. Try breaking up your cardio and weights sessions. You could go for a run at lunch and do your weights while watching TV in the evening. 

Also, if you are someone who doesn't like doing cardio workouts, break up your time. Try doing 10 minutes each on the treadmill, cross-trainer and rowing machine. 30 minutes will fly by!

6. Weekends Do Count

If you have mentally scored out weekends you might want to mentally put them back in. This will make your working week less intense and allow you to break up your exercise sessions. Try fitting in a workout on Saturday morning or doing some yoga on a Sunday night.

7. Keep Walking

Keeping a generally active lifestyle is always helpful. On days when you are really strapped for time, try and make sure you do as much walking as possible. Skip taking the tube or jumping in the car and use every opportunity to get moving.

8. Do Workouts You Can Do At Home

Going to a gym can take up time and because of that, it’s easy to miss out a workout here and there. Try having a routine that you can do at home too. Compound exercises are good for this, as a lot of them focus on using your body weight, so little equipment is needed.

At the same time, if home workouts are something you can stick to then go ahead and invest in a set of weights. It’s worth it if it means you will be able to fit in the exercise you want to.

Most importantly, mix it up. You don’t need to do one activity at one set time. Things come up in life so you need to be flexible. Make your workouts flexible too.


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