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The weather has been really good in London recently so I was looking for restaurants where I could sit outside. That is, a place other than my local Zizi’s which is pretty much my go to place. I decided to head off to St. Christopher’s place, just off Bond Street. There you will find a bunch of restaurants, all with outdoor seating and that is where I found Cocochan.

Cocochan: 1 Minute Review

Where: 38 – 40 James St, Marylebone, London, W1U 1EU

Price: Cocochan is on the more pricey side. I ordered four starters, two mains and a dessert which came to a total of £104.

Cuisine: Pan-Asian. Chinese / Japanese.

Dietary Requirements: Limited vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available and halal meat available.

Food Quality: Excellent.

Perfect for: A date.

What to Wear: Smart. Wear your heels.

Cocochan Review

If you are looking for that holiday alfresco dining feel, you need to head to Cocochan. Cocochan is situated in a packed street full of other restaurants and in the nice weather, everybody is sitting outdoors. All around you couples and friends are chatting and the smell of food is everywhere. 

Vegetable Tempura

Prawn Spring Rolls

Peppered Beef Tataki

Cocochan is a pan-Asian restaurant serving everything from sushi to rib-eye steak and Thai Curry. This place was a real find, the food is fantastic. Also, for sushi lovers, with anti-sushi friends, this is your spot!

Lovely husband is a sucker for starters and so we ordered loads. We tried the chicken and ginger gyoza, vegetable tempura, king prawn spring rolls and peppered beef tataki.  All of the starters were really good but I would say out of all of them the peppered beef tataki is a must try.

Rib Eye Steak
For mains, we went for the Rib Eye steak and the wok grilled black pepper beef sirloin and asparagus with a side of egg fried rice (which was recommended over the jasmine steamed rice for this dish). The rib eye steak is topped with crunchy fried onions and is sliced into bite size strips which I thought was a really nice touch (bye bye steak knife).

The steak was well cooked and soft, though not to the same level of specialist steakhouses. It was however packed full of flavour. But if you are a steak connoisseur that likes to simply appreciate the taste of meat it might not be for you.

Wok Grilled Black Pepper Beef Sirloin and Asparagus 
I also tried the Thai green curry on a separate occasion which was very good but it didn’t knock my socks off the way the wok grilled black pepper beef sirloin did. That, hands down has to be the best main dish on the menu and if you do visit I would recommend you order this. The beef was incredibly soft and tasty and I polished the whole thing off!

Salted Chocolate Butter Fondant and Pop Corn Ice-Cream
Salted Chocolate Butter Fondant and Pop Corn Ice-Cream
Oh and let’s not forget dessert. It was chocolate goo heaven. To be honest, when I look at a dessert menu I usually just try and identify the gooiest thing I can find and pick that one. I ended up going for the salted chocolate butter fondant and Pop Corn ice cream (I know! Drooool).  Cocochan definitely nailed it on the goo scale with this one so points for that. It was delicious. The popcorn ice-cream mostly tastes like vanilla ice cream with bits of popcorn mixed through it. It was something a bit different and personally, I enjoyed it.

The surprising thing is, the food at this place is really light. Rather than feeling stuffed, bloated and tired, like I usually do after starters and a main, I manager to eat dessert and pretty much skip home. Bear in mind, I ate fried everything for starters and a pile of beef and rice and a choco dessert!

This place is well worth the visit. It has a wide variety of options from sushi to stake and makes a great date spot.



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