How to be a Natural Skinny Girl

There are a lot of girls that look like they are just naturally slim. You know the ones I’m talking about. The kind that look like they don’t make any effort to maintain their weight and seem to eat whatever they like and still look great. It’s like a God given talent for them.

I have friends who never work out, EVER (i'm talking about girls who work out once a year) and are slim. I know girls that have what looks like a terrible diet and eat a bag of crisps every day and then I have friends who have to tell themselves to PUT THE CAKE DOWN AND STEP AWAY. Then they sit there convincing themselves that there is no difference between a banana and cake.

But for a lot of us girls, staying in shape is a conscience effort. It’s particularly hard because of the amount of convenience food and unhealthy snacks around and because we are so busy we have minimal time to cook. I’m out and about 90% of the time; it’s just too easy to grab a sugar packed snack bar!

But natural skinny girls don’t seem to be suffering from these problems. It feels like a massive injustice dished out by Mother Nature (thanks mum). How can there be girls out there who are eating whatever they like, relaxing and still be stick thin!

Here is the big fat secret though (no pun intended). They aren’t. Skinny girls have a combination of habits which allow them to stay skinny. They most probably aren’t even aware of it themselves which is why they have never mentioned it to you.

Skinny Girl Habits

I have friends who never work out but are in great shape. They tend to have a clean diet and eat plenty of salads. I've often seen them opt for the quinoa salad over a pizza when we are out for a work lunch and they generally avoid junk food. One of my friends walks as much as possible and would rather walk for 30 minutes to get to where she is going than jump on a tube.

I know a couple of girls who easily eat carbs from dusk to dawn. They will munch a bag of crisp daily, sandwiches for lunch, big breakfasts and bowls of pasta for dinner. But neither of these girls have much of a snacking habit. They will occasionally enjoy chocolates and brownies (the usual suspects) but this is balanced out by the fact that they workout 3 - 4 times a week. 

One woman I know who is in her 40s is in incredible shape and she again, doesn’t work out. She does swap out all fatty treats for yogurt or jelly though and loves hiking which she often does at the weekends.

Another woman I know has had 3 kids and is slim despite not working out and I’ve see her snack on pizza and crisps all the time. She says she "eats like a bird", small quantities whenever she is hungry. She hardly ever eats a full meal in one sitting. She goes for long walks and is very active around the house with her kids.

Another of my friends just doesn’t have a sweet tooth at all (that’s handy).

As for me, I don't know if I am a natural skinny girl or not. I eat whole foods as much as possible, I work out and mix up my activities all the time. Some days I can eat a tonne of food and I enjoy a good take away now and then but other days, I’ll be fairly healthy so it tends to balance out. 

Become a Skinny Girl

The idea that some women are doing whatever they want is a myth. Everyone, in their own way, is following the rule of “eat clean and be active”.

So, if you want to be a natural skinny girl you need to find a combo that works for you, that doesn’t make you feel restricted all the time. Here are some ideas:

1. Take up an active hobby like hiking, swimming or a sport.
2. Walk as much as possible, use lunch breaks at work and weekends to get out and about.
3. Limit indulgent treats to once a week and start experimenting with different fruits instead.
4. Find healthy foods you enjoy.

Also remember, what works for one person may not work for you. You need to find habits that you can incorporate into your lifestyle and foods that you can easily cook and enjoy. That is what makes the difference between being a natural skinny girl and having to make an effort to stay slim.   

And if you do want to be toned and flash those muscles then you will probably still have to hit the gym (sorry).

But if you are done with watching your waistline, then don’t. Rather find your skinny girl lifestyle.


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