How to Deal With Anxiety

I think everyone feels anxious sometimes. It’s pretty unavoidable and completely normal.

Feeling anxious is probably one of my most hated feelings. It’s this horrible nervous anticipation that makes me feel like everything is a bit too much for me to handle right now and I need a break.

The worst thing is, it doesn’t matter how rational you are about the situation you just can’t shift the feeling sometimes.  It’s because deep down, anxiety comes from fear and fear is never reasonable!

The good news is you can manage your anxiety and mentally prepare yourself to handle the situation that is making you anxious. Here are some tips on coping with anxiety.

What To Do When You Feel Anxious 

1. Don’t try to be Perfect

A lot of anxiety comes from us feeling like we need to get everything “right”.  But we really don’t. Some things don’t matter that much. Don’t stress yourself out. Rather prioritize the things you want to put a lot of effort into and decide what things you can afford to put minimal effort into.

Let it go, give yourself a break.

2. Workout

This one is the most practically effective method I’ve found and my favourite. Our brain often doesn’t listen to reason when we tell it to “just stop being anxious” but it can’t resist the happy hormones (endorphins) when we exercise hard!

Also, research shows that if you regularly exercise, this can reduce anxiety over the long term too.

3. Take a Bath

Taking some time out of your busy life for some me time is exactly the kind of break you need if you are feeling overwhelmed. Doing something relaxing like taking a bath is a really good way to de-stress.

If you really want a bath to be an effective stress buster make sure you do nothing but relax. Don’t take your phone with you, put on any music or even try to read a book. Most of us are constantly on the go and even the things we enjoy eventually stress our body out. Run a bath, shut your eyes and just be with yourself.

4. Talk to Someone

You can sometimes feel like you are the only one who is feeling anxious.  This can end up making you feel alone and that only makes things worse. Talk to someone you trust to gain some perspective.

5. Time Out

Sometimes all we need is some alone time. Take an evening to just stop doing all the things you are supposed to be doing and relax. Take that break you feel you need.

Get that hot chocolate made, find something rubbish to watch on Netflix and tell yourself – this evening is time out. It’s OK.

6. Worst Case Scenario

As soon as you face your fear, anxiety disappears. When I’m feeling extremely anxious I think of the worst possible conceivable thing that could happen (no matter how silly and unlikely it is) and then remind myself that I can handle even the worst case scenario.

Visualize yourself overcoming your fears and knowing exactly what to do.

Don’t doubt yourself. 

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