3 Kitchen Tricks to Speed up Cooking

Most nights, once I get back from work, I'm making dinner. I'm no Jamie Oliver but I can't possibly live off takeaways and I don’t think it would do my health any favours (it’s just you and me muffin top. Us against the world).

I’m usually starving by the time I get back from work. I’ll munch on anything at that point but “anything” never seems to involve vegetables or fruit. Funny that.

Anyway, for ages, my need for food would trump eating anything tasty, because a) I’m lazy and b) chopping things sounds like a lot of effort (point B is sounding a lot like point A. But you get my drift.)

Thankfully, over time I’ve accumulated some kitchen hacks that have helped me cook tasty food in a much quicker way.

Mini Food Processor

You can tell how much I love this food processor by how battered it is! It's been working hard for me because I hate chopping things, especially onions.  

A mini food processor saves so much time. You can dodge a lot of chopping (and tears in the case of onions) and use it for grinding up fresh garlic, ginger and making things like hummus and guacamole.  

I use the Kenwood mini food processor which has now been faithfully serving me for the past 4 years. To be honest, it's over worked and under paid. 

Frozen Garlic and Ginger

A lot of supermarkets now have chopped and frozen garlic, ginger and coriander. Frozen garlic has changed my life. I love garlicky food and so many recipes tell you to casually throw in a clove. Ginger, I use less often but it saves me from buying it, using an inch and wasting the rest.

You can easily make your own frozen garlic and ginger as well by grinding it up in a food processor and using an old ice-cube tray to freeze it into little cubes.

The packets I use are Asda's own brand but I've not been able to find them online. They do have different brands online though. Tesco also have their own range. You can check it out at the links below:

Frozen Garlic

Frozen Ginger

Frozen Coriander

Keep Veg Prepped

To cut down on cooking time I prep a bunch of veg at the weekend by chopping it up, steaming or stir-frying it and storing it away in my fridge for the week ahead. This way it’s ready to be thrown into whatever I’m cooking and can be coated in whatever flavours I want.

You can stream things like cauliflower, broccoli and potatoes. You can stir-fry peppers, green beans, red cabbage and whatever else you like really. It’s also super easy to toss it into a salad for lunch during the week.

I hope these kitchen tips help! Let me know what kitchen tricks you use to speed up your cooking.


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