Telling The Grouch to Let It Go

Hello all. It’s been a little while since I’ve written a post. I've been pretty busy this month, my mother-in-law has been visiting (cue thunder and lightning), my mum and sister have been in town and I’ve also been on a fabuloso (that’s my Spanish version of fabulous) holiday to AndalucĂ­a.

There are plenty of holiday posts to come so I don’t want to rave about how you need to start planning your next holiday to AndalucĂ­a right now.

No, no, no. Rather, this post is about what to do when the little anger monster gets hold of you and makes you into a complete grouch that can’t let things go. Something I have a little experience with.

From time to time, someone says something or does something that really gets my goat and makes me upset /angry / fed-up/ anxious all at the same time. It’s like a feeling of injustice, of “how unfair!” of “unbelievable!” and of whatever other shock/horror word you can think of.

To people who know me this will come as a surprise because I always appear very relaxed. It’s probably because with most things I am quite laid back. Little things, habits, people’s preferences or comments, don’t fuss me. I’m quite a live and let live kinda gal.

But every now and again, I just can’t let things go! It’s like I need acknowledgement that a crime has been committed and for the wrong to be made right!

I hate this feeling though. 

And what’s the point? All you do is bring your mood down and 9 times out of 10 the thing that has upset you will have no lasting impact on your life. You are probably better off just letting it go and moving on.

Here are some tips on how you can let an argument go.

1. Take Things on Face Value

If someone says they didn’t mean it, then they didn’t mean it. Don’t over analyse what someone has said, Sherlock. You can’t read their mind, so you are best off accepting what they have to say and moving on.

2. People Are Human

A lot of the time when someone says something, that they probably shouldn’t have, it’s because they are having a bad day, they are tiered or they are insecure about something. Try and put yourself in their shoes. It might not justify it but it can stop you from feeling annoyed at them.  They probably just have something going on themselves!

3. Put it in Perspective

As I was saying, most arguments don’t affect the grand scheme of anything. Sure it gets under your skin but if you forgive and move on it most likely isn’t going to have a lasting impact on anything and you can stop feeling angry. Try and put it into perspective.

So, I suppose what I’m saying is, it’s time to teach yourself that patience is indeed a virtue (a painful virtue). Not everything requires to be hashed out and small things don’t require justice. Try and move on quickly.

Tell me, what do you do when you get into a total grouch about something?

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