Be Brave and Enjoy the Journey

Apologies for my MIAness peeps. I was sucked into the black hole of academia (i.e M.A term one). But I am back and ready to give you a full update.

If you've been following my blog, you will know that I decided to take a wee career break and do a Masters in War Studies. You will also know, I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. Where was my career going? What was the plan? What am I doing with my life? And most importantly, am I even capable of writing an essay?

Perhaps what I was really asking myself was, am I capable of succeeding in what I want to do?  Rather than saying, "Of course! We all are," I'm going to be more honest and tell you this - succeeding is really only part of the picture. What's far more important is leading an interesting life. A life that gives you amazing stories to tell people and helps you learn and grow.

So, what have I been up to you ask? Well, I've been doing just that. For starters, I've been spending my time meeting incredibly interesting people. Since starting my course, I've had the chance to talk to talk to people from all over the world doing the most interesting work, in TV, government, and the even the military.

I've also written many essays, all of which I have agonised over but it turns out, being a 'mature student' has some benefits. You don't get worse at education, you get better. 

However, mostly I've spent my time reading and then talking AT lovely husband who has no idea what I am talking about but listens in fear of his life. Because studying for me is a sharing process. You will know exactly how I feel at every stage - research - analysis - planning and finally essay writing draft 1 through to 8. I mean, sharing is caring right?

I've even found myself dreaming about essays. In my dreams I always write the most amazing stuff only to discover in the morning that my arguments make no sense. That bubble pops fairly quickly. 

Other things I have learnt this term - the idea of studying 9-5 and taking the weekends off was amongst the silliest ideas I've had. It's right up there with the time that I thought humans didn't actually need sleep simply because I had managed to stay awake for 48 hours straight. 9-5 never works, especially when you are still in bed at 9 am. To be honest, for the most part of the tail end of term 1, I looked like this:

I've also consumed more tea and coffee than ever. I would say I am approximately 40% coffee now (60% awesome) and I have single-handedly boosted the local economy with all the time I have spent in cafes. 

So, I suppose what I am saying is, I've had a great term. It's been extremely busy, stressful at times but as they say, no guts no glory. I suppose that's the point of this post really.

Don't be scared, take a chance and see how interesting life can be. It's not really about succeeding, it's about doing amazing things along the way and not by anyone else's standards, but your own. Talk to as many interesting people as possible starting with the people around you. It surprises you how many thing you didn't know about them. But most importantly, just give things a shot, they are never as hard or scary as you think they will be.

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