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I have been meaning to do this blog post for almost a year now. I think it's high time I showed you around Flat 53. Well, not all of it. Just the living room as that's the only bit I have had a chance to do up so far. I'll get round to the rest of it eventually including #dressingtablegoals (sigh).

I have an odd romanticised notion of dressing tables with big old-fashioned crystal bottles of perfume and extraordinary fluffy powder poomfy things (which I would obviously never use because I have dry skin and powder is the grim reaper of dry skin). The reality is me running late for work using my fingers to smudge in concealer as I stand in front of the mirror half dressed (yes, long silk dressing gowns don't really get a look in either).

My crushed dreams aside, I thought I'd give you all some information on how I decided to put my living room together in the hope that it will give you some food for thought and some decorating inspiration!

I, in all honesty, don't know what this style is called (so please tell me if you do). But I wanted a living room that was modern but also felt homely and had some fun to it. There is nothing worse than living in a vanilla room, where everything is beige!

The armchair was something lovely husband really wanted and I was completely against it at first. Armchairs remind me of old gentlemen's smoking rooms. Ugly, leather, and usually dark brown. The only way to update them is to make sure you have a fun colour so that's what I did. I got this armchair from Next which is one of the few places I found that would give you a decent colour selection.

I picked the yellow upholstery with subtle grey lines running through it so it would discreetly tie in with my main sofa. And I must admit, it's now my favourite seat in the room. I have literally commandeered it.

My main grey sofa is from Dwell.

The marble table is probably the nicest thing in the living room. I got this one from Swoon. It weighs around 40kgs however so it's not a table that is going anywhere anytime soon. I am mad about all things marble. However, you need to be careful with it. Too much and your place can look dated like a 90s lobby.

I got my rug from Wayfair. The idea was to keep everything geometric which is why I went for this one and I also chose a darker blue on purpose to contrast with my light wood flooring.

I bought a selection of artwork from Spitalfields market. There are great little stalls where artists can showcase their work and the prices are completely reasonable. I also got a couple of pictures from the Southbank market where you can also pick up some books while you are at it.

The frames are simple black frames from Ikea which I chose to compliment the dark colour of my main sofa. It took some precise measuring to frame the artwork, so when you come to doing it it's better to simply fold the corners to fit the picture in the frame as you can always wiggle the edges in and that way you can make sure there are no gaps!

I picked the pillows last as they can be used to really tie everything together. I threw in yellow, blue and some grey which ties together the sofas and coordinated with my blue rug. But as you can see, I contrasted between light and dark shades to avoid everything from looking perfectly matched which never looks stylish. Also, all my pillows are different patterns because its good fun and you won't get that look from symmetrical pillows.

I got these bad boys from a shop on Etsy. Pillows can be really expensive especially if you are looking for funky ones. Etsy has a tonne of variety and it can be cheaper than high street stores.

I love this bookcase. Until I put this in, there was something clinical about the room. Having personal bits and bobs on our bookcase made the room feel lived in. I got this bookcase from Wayfair and they still have quite a few in this style. I chose a taller one to add some hight to the room. You don't want everything to be on one short squat level.

Little ornaments were a slow collection process. The clock and the copper frame are from Oliver Bonas. Other things I have on my bookcase are from H&M homeware (I love that place) and Amazon.

There you have it. Doing up your living room can be a lot of fun but it can also be hard to imagine what the final look will be like. A good place to start is pinterest. Pin everything and anything you like and you will start to see a pattern emerging. Also, if there is one tip I have it's, don't try and match everything, rather try and think of items that will complement one another. Lastly, don't be afraid to use pattern!

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