Salted Roast Beef with Stilton

I've been watching Narcos on Netflix recently, yes - that's the one with Columbian drug dealers - and somewhere along the way I have been influenced by the scenes of everyone eating fresh salads and grilled meats (yes, I actually managed to take away health tips from a show about drugs).

However, there is nothing Columbian about this dish but it is incredibly tasty. This dish requires at least 2 hours of slow roasting and plenty of time for the beef to marinade so it's great if you will be rocking around the house or for a lazy Sunday.

Salted beef may not be everyone's cup of tea because it is pretty salty. Having said that, when you eat it with accompaniments it is not overwhelming and I am someone who puts very little, if any, salt in my food.

This dish has a strong punchy taste but it is delicious, plus, you get to pound a big slab of meat with a mallet which is always fun.

There were no leftovers when I made this dish, which is a shame because just looking at the pictures is making me wonder what it would be like to have a cheeky salted beef sandwich.

Serves: 4


600g Beef chuck tender
3 tsp Coarse sea salt
4 tsp Malt vinegar
2 tsp Garlic granules
1 tsp Black pepper
50g Stilton cheese


1. First things first, to make sure your beef turns out nice and soft you need to pound your meat. If you don't have a meat mallet don't worry, you can use a hammer or, as I did, a rolling pin. Pop your beef in a plastic bag and pound the meat until it looks slightly flatter.

2. Once you have done this, place your beef into a dish and rub salt into the meat. Make sure you do the front and back. Then, cover it with vinegar. Both the salt and the vinegar will further soften the beef. Cover the dish with foil and leave it to marinade in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours however if you can, you should leave it overnight.

3. When you are ready to cook the beef, take it out of the dish and place it on a roasting tray. Put the excess marinade to one side. Sprinkle the beef with garlic granules and pepper. Set your oven to 100 degrees Celsius and leave it to slow roast for 2 hours.

4. Every 40 minutes, pour a small quantity of the excess marinade, that you put to one side, over the roasting beef.

5. 5 minutes before the beef is fully cooked, cover the top of the meat with Stilton and allow it to melt.

6. When you finally take it out of the oven it should look like this. You can serve it with a fresh salad and couscous as I have done or with roast vegetables which you can throw in with the beef as it slow cooks.

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