Barber and Parlour Review

I've been brunching hard for a while and I thought it was time for me to get off the fence and move onto lunch. I've also been behaving a bit like a hermit and haven't really left my local area for a while - I'm surrounded by cafés and I even have a shopping centre close by, it's easy to stay in your bubble sometimes. But I felt the itch to get out and about and so, I decided to head to Shoreditch - the land of the hipster.

Barber & Parlour: 1 Minute Review

Where: 64 - 66 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DP

Price: Approximately £10 - 15 per person (based on 1 main, side and coffee/tea)

Cuisine: Healthy, modern British / American. 

Dietary Information: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options available. Halal and Kosher meat is not served.

Quality: Good

Perfect For: Brunch / Lunch

What to Wear: Casual 

Key Tip: Try a freshly made smoothy or shake, they are well worth it but ask for some ice. Sometimes they are so fresh that they are warm!

Barber & Parlour Review

Barber and parlour is an old favourite of mine. It might not be on your radar because of the name. Not only is it not obviously identified as a trendy café but it does actually have a salon upstairs and is also a small cinema.

But this place does some seriously tasty food with healthy options and has all the Shoreditch vibe you could want. 

Bring your cool peeps. Try and blend.

Inside Barber & Parlour

Barber and Parlour is a great spot for a relaxed brunch or lunch with friends. It's always packed even during the week, but there are tonnes of small tables and sofas to lounge on and people aren't afraid to share a coffee table, so don't be scared to ask to for a seat.

Sometimes at the weekend, there is a DJ so you can imagine, it's a lively, and loud, place to hang out.

I am always such an obvious Shoreditch reject as soon as I step into this place (gah! why didn't I wear my best scruffy jumper and ripped jeans!) But I love this part of London, there is no shortage of cool little eating spots.
There are also board games which you can grab if you fancy a game of scrabble. I admit I haven't spotted anyone having a game yet, but there is nothing stopping you!

Also, unlike other quieter coffee houses, you see few solo laptopers. Rather, it's rammed full of friends having a good chat and is generally pretty noisy.

Berber and Parlour does have wifi but it doesn't really have plug points. However you might be able to find some by the walls if you're lucky (I tried to sneak some juice from behind a pot plant - the plug wasn't working though).
This place is also packed with plenty of things to look at. They do their own homeware range which you can also buy online and admire over your coffee in the meantime. There are also plenty of foodie books filled with great recipes left on the coffee tables so you can live out your drool fantasies.

Everything is prepared freshly on the premise including all their smoothies and milkshakes. I have tried a few of them, and they do tend to come out a bit warm so I would recommend asking for some ice but other than that, they are fantastic.

 Barber & Parlour Menu 

Barber and Parlour menu
The menu has plenty of healthy options and provides vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options.

What to Eat

Barber and Parlour Brunch
Barber and parlour has an all-day menu so no matter what time of the day it is you are welcome to brunch (goodie for me). 

Poached eggs  with avocado and chilli on toast, Mango and Turmeric protein smoothie
The Mango and Turmeric smoothy was probably my favourite thing and it's vegan-friendly. It might not be for everyone mind you. It does taste less of mango and more of turmeric, but it's sweet and packed with loads of healthy goodies.

Eggs any style on toast with mushrooms on sourdough bread, side of grilled halloumi
If you are stuck for choice the fried egg on toast is a safe bet. I ordered mine with a side of grilled halloumi and it was perfectly grilled - no wobbly halloumi here. 

Mocha, Matcha Tea
The mocha was nice but not particularly chocolately (I like mine with a little more). The matcha tea, however, had plenty of matcha in it and worth it if you enjoy your green teas. 

Scrambled eggs on sourdough bread, side of grilled goats cheese
The eggs were perfectly scrambled and American style fluffy. The side of grilled goats cheese was lovely, but goats cheese is extremely strong and there was a lot of it. I am pretty sure half the portion would have been enough!

Grilled cheese sandwich 
I was a bit disappointed with the grilled cheese. It was nothing special and pretty bland. But, at the same time, it is what it says on the tin - plenty of cheddar cheese with fresh tomatoes. So, if you like a no-fuss cheese sandwich, this one is for you.

Peanut crunch milkshake
This cheeky milkshake was not me! But, I'm not going to pretend I didn't nick it off lovely husband and get seriously involved. It is probably one of the best peanut butter milkshakes I've had. But it came out warmer than room temperature (I have no idea how; it's made with ice-cream!). But we added some ice and that sorted it out. It didn't put me off at all, it's too yum.

Barber and Parlour is a great little spot for a weekend catch up with friends so make sure it's on your radar the next time you're up in Shoreditch.


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