The Posh Burger Co.

I am due to jet set off to Goa soon, and so I should be trying to focus on getting my beach bod in order (seriously, I need to rule out holidays in winter so I can enjoy chubbing up at some point during the year). But, burgers...I might not get any in Goa. Needs must. So I decided to check out the Posh Burger Company.

Low-Carb Smokey Fish Pie with Cauliflower Mash

Homemade creamy fish pie is one of my old favourites. I have made this recipe a million times with a classic mashed potato topping. But, I have had one too many naughty treats recently and decided to give it a go with cauliflower mash.

Avocado Toast with Perfect Poached Eggs Hack

One of my favourite brunching options, when I am out, is a tasty avocado and egg toast. It's a great healthy option packed with good fats. The best avocado and egg toast I've had was probably in New York.  The hotel I stayed at added these lovely seeds which were just delicious. Plus, seeds are so good for you. Bonus! 
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