Avocado Toast with Perfect Poached Eggs Hack

One of my favourite brunching options, when I am out, is a tasty avocado and egg toast. It's a great healthy option packed with good fats. The best avocado and egg toast I've had was probably in New York.  The hotel I stayed at added these lovely seeds which were just delicious. Plus, seeds are so good for you. Bonus! 

So I decided to bring the restaurant home with me. I am having lovely crisp, cold, but bright mornings in my flat right now, and while the evening makes me miserable with the early sunsets, weekend mornings get me in the mood for cosy breakfasts!

What prevented me from making this breakfast before was the poached eggs! I could never get them as fat, round, and gooey in the centre. And when I did, then unless you want to have 4 pans on the go and a big mess in the kitchen, you can't poach all the eggs at once so everyone can sit down and enjoy breakfast together.

or can you....

I've used a handy little-poached eggs hack when I made my avocado and egg toast which meant half the effort, hot breakfast all round, and perfectly poached eggs in 1 pan (check it out below!)

If you love your avocado and egg breakfasts as much as I do, then try this out, it's healthy, filling and a completely restaurant perfect recipe you can enjoy at home.

Avocado Toast with Perfectly Poached Eggs Recipe 

🍴   Serves: 2
⏰ Prep Time: 10 minutes
🍳 Cook Time: 4 minutes
⏳  Total Time: 14 minutes

🌱 Dietary Information: Dairy-free, low-sugar.

4 slices of bread
4 eggs
2 avocados finely diced
1/2 lemon
20g mixed seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pine kernels)
black pepper to season

How to poach an egg perfectly!
1. Boil a pot of water and leave it to simmer on medium heat and poach your eggs, cooking them for 4 minutes.

To poach your eggs perfectly, take a coffee mug and place a piece of cling film over the mug. Push the centre into the cup to make a pouch. Crack the egg into the cling film pouch (see above picture). Twist the top of the cling film and tie a knot. Create an individual pouch for each of your eggs. Place your cling film pouches in a pan of simmering water for 4 minutes. Once poached, take your eggs out of the water and snip the top of the cling film with scissors. 

2. Meanwhile, finely dice the avocados and place them in a large bowl. Add the juice of half a lemon. Using a fork, mash up the avocados. 

3. Toast your pieces of bread and spread the avocado mash over the toast before sprinkling a teaspoon of mixed seeds on each slice. Place a poached egg on each slice and top it off with freshly ground black pepper.



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