Low-Carb Smokey Fish Pie with Cauliflower Mash

Homemade creamy fish pie is one of my old favourites. I have made this recipe a million times with a classic mashed potato topping. But, I have had one too many naughty treats recently and decided to give it a go with cauliflower mash.

Fish Pie with Cauliflower Mash

Recently fish has fallen off my radar and I wanted to work it back into my diet given how good it is for you! This recipe uses a mix of fresh fish so it's great if you have leftovers. Alternatively, most supermarkets do a "fish pie mix" which has a combination of fish pieces you can use.

As for the cauliflower mash, I hadn't actually tried it before but I was pleasantly surprised! Its texture is similar to mashed potato, and the fish pie was just as delicious with it.

This is a super easy recipe and is a great one to keep in the fridge for lunch or dinner. Check it out.

Low-Carb Smokey Fish Pie with Cauliflower Mash Recipe

🍴   Serves: 4
⏰ Prep Time: 10 minutes
🍳 Cook Time: 20 minutes
⏳  Total Time: 30 minutes

🌱 Dietary Information: low-carb, low-sugar


Fish Pie:
60g plain flour
230g salmon skin and bones removed
230g smoked haddock skin and bones removed
230g cod skin and bones removed
150g cheese diced
100g frozen peas
1tsp garlic powder
1tsp mild chilli powder
100ml semi-skimmed milk

Cauliflower topping:
2 medium cauliflowers
1tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp salt (or to taste)
20g grated cheese
10g chives sliced


1. Preheat the oven to 200℃.

2. Chop the salmon, haddock, and cod into rough chunks. Coat the pieces of fish in plain flour and place in a large roasting tray.

3. Chop the cheese into small bite-size chunks and add to the roasting tray. Then add the frozen peas, garlic powder, chilli powder and pour 100ml of milk into the tray.

4. Chop the cauliflowers into small florets and boil until soft. Once boiled, place in a large bowl and mash with a potato masher. Add black pepper and salt. If need be, add a splash of milk to help mash the cauliflower.

5. Cover the top of the fish pie mixture with the cauliflower mash and sprinkle a layer of grated cheese and chopped chives on top.

6. Place in the oven and cook for 20 - 25 minutes.

Serve with a side salad.



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