Picturehouse Central Café

The Picturehouse Central Café is one place I cannot resist. Whenever I am close to Piccadilly circus I have to stop by regardless of if I am on one of my alleged health-kicks. How I found this place is a bit of a funny story actually. I was meeting a friend for a Zumba class (good intentions), which unfortunately got cancelled, so....we ended up popping into a nearby café to at least have a catch-up....and ended up eating a lot of cake. Long story short, best cake EVER and henceforth became known as "the cake place".

Picturehouse Central Café: 1 Minute Review 

Where: 45 Great Windmill Street, Soho, London W1D 7DH

Price: Approximately £8 - 10 per person (based on 1 hot drink and a slice of cake)

Cuisine: Modern British 

Dietary Information: Vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options available.

Quality: Excellent

Perfect For: Snacks or Lunch

What to Wear: Casual 

Key Tip: Visit the Picturehouse Central Café for the amazing cake. Its selection is amazing, and you can't go wrong with any of them!

Picturehouse Central Café Review

Picturehouse Central Piccadilly Circus Café
The Picturehouse Central Café is, as you can imagine, a café connected to an old-school style cinema. This little spot has a snazzy wee vibe and many times I have accidentally eavesdropped on arty conversations about "budgets for a new production", and "if I am - as an actor - marketing myself enough on Instagram". Yes, for some reason, this place attracts an above average amount of cinema buffs and creative individuals.

Of course, it also attracts people like me. The average joe with a laptop or book in the corner. Hey. I'm just here for the cake!

You can be hard pushed to find a seat here often. It's generally pretty busy and a great spot to grab coffee, cake, or lunch. There are plenty of salads, deli sandwiches and a selection of hot food on offer too.

There is also a restaurant upstairs and an amazing old-school style cinema. But, regardless of if you choose to pop upstairs for a movie afterwards, this place is worth a visit if you appreciate a good sponge cake.

What to Eat

Deli Salads
There are plenty of healthy options at the Picturehouse Central Café if you fancy grabbing lunch. Options include warm vegetable salads, chunky couscous and tasty mini quiches. The food is overall good but I wouldn't say it was particularly special. 

Chunky Couscous with Cranberries
But let's be honest. You won't find me here opting for a salad...it's all about the cake (as the three slices of cake behind my chunky couscous clearly indicate.) 

I lose all self-control at this place....
Chocolate Orange cake with Hazelnut Topping
Not only are the slices of cake generous, but they are also all incredibly moist and tasty. When I say this cake is chocolate orange, I mean you are eating the sponge cake embodiment of a Terry's Chocolate Orange bar. This cake is probably my favourite!

Chocolate Muffin
Seriously...what muffin is that big. I'm not complaining though. I tore through it. It had an amazing gooey centre too (sorry, spoiler!)

Lamington Cake, Chocolate Orange Cake, Olive Oil Cake and Chunky Couscous
Lamington Cake, Chocolate Orange Cake and Olive Oil Cake

The lamingtons, again, are incredibly moist, chunky and as a tasty twist contain a thin layer of raspberry jam in the middle which works in a way I can't explain. You just have to try it.

I was hesitant to try the olive oil cake at first, it didn't seem like the type of thing that would work...or should work....but it did! In all honesty, I don't know what they've put in it, but I am sure it will be your cup of tea - it's a surprisingly safe bet.

Of course, there is no shortage of hot drinks either. When enjoying indulgent cakes, I like a humble earl grey, but this place also does great coffee and hot chocolates. So take your pick!

All in all. If you want to flush all hope of cutting down on naughty treats, losing weight or generally being on a health kick, down the loo then don't visit the Picturehouse Central Café in Piccadilly Circus.

Especially don't do what I do which is to turn up, order multiple cakes, and then talk about how you really need to cut back and get into shape.

Come here to shamelessly indulge in cake!

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