The Posh Burger Co.

I am due to jet set off to Goa soon, and so I should be trying to focus on getting my beach bod in order (seriously, I need to rule out holidays in winter so I can enjoy chubbing up at some point during the year). But, burgers...I might not get any in Goa. Needs must. So I decided to check out the Posh Burger Company.

The Posh Burger Co.: 1 Minute Review

Where: 96 Old St, London EC1V 9AY

Price: Approximately £15 per person (based on 1 burger, 1side and something to drink)

Cuisine: American. 

Dietary Information: Vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and halal options available. 

Quality: Good

Perfect For: Lunch/dinner

What to Wear: Casual 

Key Tip: If you want to stay in and eat your burger, aim for a late lunch (between 2.30 - 3pm) on a weekday. Otherwise, the place is packed.

The Posh Burger Co. Review

The Posh Burger Co. is a small little burger shop on Old Street that you might be forgiven for missing at first. It's tiny, and is basically....the posh version of a takeaway! 

However, if you find yourself in the neighbourhood this a great little spot to stop at. But it isn't necessarily a place you should go out the way to get to.

Like I is closer to a really nice takeaway than a diner, and there is no guarantee you will get a spot to sit down.

The place is made up of a small counter with everything cooked on sight. And while you wait for your order, you can enjoy reading the 60s inspired wall art (which has a strong feminist theme going on 😉)

What to Eat

The Posh Burger Company
What to eat, what to eat, what to eat! I was starving by the time I got to The Posh Burger Co. and I think I indulged in a bit of panic ordering.

That's because there is just so much variety. While most burger placed I have been to have a good 7 different types of burger on offer, this place has a whopping 12. And that's not counting the fact that you can design your own burger from scratch!

The Posh Burger Company - Swanky Burger and Cheesy Fries
You can also specify, with any burger you order, what type of bun you would like, including sourdough seeded buns and gluten-free buns but also everyone's favourite - the classic brioche, which is what I opted for.

Cheesy Fries
First things, first. The fries were amazing. None of that mashed potato ready-made freezer fries going on here. It was real potato fries - the type you would chop up in your kitchen (if you could be bothered) and completely plastered with grated cheddar cheese. And I amn't talking about one layer of cheese on the top which you have to fight over with the person nicking your fries. I am talking about layers of cheese between the fries. (That's right, this girl checked).

BBQ Wings
I have had a lot of fried wings thanks to my lovely husband who always seems to order them and I just have to take a bite. After you have had these wings, you won't look at KFC sideways. 

They were crispy and piping hot all the way through so you could tell they had just been made. And the chicken was really filling.

The Swanky Burger
The swanky burger patty was delicious but the bun itself was a little too much bread for my liking and slightly dried the whole thing out. Not that the patty itself was dry, this was a messy messy eat (cover yourself with napkins guys, this is going to get ugly really fast). But the combination with the bun itself disappointed me a little.

All in all, I would give the sides I ordered a 10/10, but the burger itself, because of the breadyness, I would give it an 8/10. 

Still, worth checking out, especially for those fries!!


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