Daisy Green Review

If you are looking for a healthy brunch spot then Daisy Green is worth checking out.

Daisy Green: 1 Minute Review

Where: Daisy Green has 10 locations in London. This review is based on: 20 Seymour Street, London, W1H 7HX

Price: Approximately £15 - 20 per person (based on 1 main, 1 side addition and coffee/tea)

Cuisine: Healthy Australian

Dietary Information: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options available. Halal and Kosher meat is not served.

Quality: Good

Perfect For: Brunch 

What to Wear: Casual 

Key Tip: If you want to get a seat in the downstairs "secret garden", then you have to book in advance. However, seating outdoor, and on the first floor is available on a first come first serve basis.

Daisy Green Review

The Daisy Green Collection 20 Seymour Street
If you are looking for a healthy spot for Brunch then Daisy Gree, just off Oxford Street, is a great spot.
For starters, it looks like this, which definitely makes it feel a bit special.

And, unlike most brunch spots, you can book a table. In fact, if you want a table downstairs in the "Secret Garden", then you have to book in advance otherwise there are rarely any tables available. 

The Secret Garden is decorated with all the flower power you see outdoors, but if you haven't booked a table, then you can grab a seat or on the first floor which has plenty of stools and window seats and is also beautifully decorated. There are also plenty of tables outdoors (which are the best in my opinion!)

The Menu

There is a great selection of healthy options on the menu and Daisy Green has vegan, dairy free, and gluten-free options available too. All dietary information is clearly marked on the menu.

What to Eat

There is a great selection of healthy brunch options available including all the usual favourites but also lighter options like yogurt and smoothie bowls.

Matcha Lattė
For all the matcha fans out there, the matcha latté is a must. And it does taste as good as it looks!

The mocha was also really good, and not too strong which is how I like it. But if you enjoy a punchy coffee in the morning, then it might be a little on the weak side for you.

Poached eggs, with charcoal bread
I admit I was sucked into ordering this dish because of the unusual charcoal toast. It might look blackened, but it doesn't taste burnt at all. However, it was a bit too dry. I like a little more flexibility in my toast and this one was straddling the line between bread and cracker.

But other than that, it was all in all a great avocadofull breakfast and the chilli side sauce added a real kick.
Broccoli and Corn Fritters
The vegan corn fritters are the best thing on the menu and I 100% recommend them. I added an egg as an extra, but you can have it without. 

I thought the fritters would be dry and bland but they were the opposite! Completely delicious and I kinda wanted to ask for the recipe.

Coconut French Toast
The coconut loaded french toast is a sweet treat if ever there was one. It's less toast and more cake. If you order this, you have to share with a friend because it's more accurate to say it comes with two thick slabs of, incredibly tasty, cake.

But syrup, coconut, raspberries and cake....I'm not complaining!

Daisy Green is a great spot for brunch. It's casual, and not too pricey, while having a great selection of trendy Australian inspired food in a great location. Definitely one to pop into the next time you are in central London.


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