Grilled Curried Lamb Chops with Mint Yogurt

This recipe pretty much cooks itself which is why it's one of my favourites mid-week go-tos.

Lunch Box: Warm Spinach and Chicken Quinoa Salad

Winter months are an odd one for me. All I want is comfort food but at the same time, it can be a) difficult to put that level of comfort into a lunch box and b) comfort breakfast, lunch, and dinner is pushing it a bit.

Chinese Chicken and Sesame Zoodles

I can't believe it's 2019 already. Time has really flown by. But I'm excited about the year ahead and about continuing with this blog. Sharing all my recipe ideas with you guys has been a really creative experience from me, everything from the food photography to being able to talk to you guys, wherever you are in the world!
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