Rockit Steakhouse Review

Enjoy a good steak? Rockit might not be the spot for a special occasion but it is definitely a place worth visiting if you are looking for a spot for a nice Saturday night meal.

Rockit Steakhouse: 1 Minute Review

Where: 17 Commercial St, London E1 6NE

Price: Can range from approximately £20 - £80 per person depending on the steak/burger selected.

Cuisine: British Steakhouse

Dietary Information: Gluten-free and dairy-free options available. All meats are halal.

Quality: 4/5

Perfect For: Dinner

What to Wear: Casual / Smart-Casual

Key Tip: Don't be put off by the front of the Restaurant, the food is great, even if the decor is slightly lacking.

Rockit Steakhouse Review

When you first come across Rockit, it isn't a place that particularly stands out in a good way. Posters in the window and the bright red sign on the front of the restaurant let the place down slightly.  When you get inside, the restaurant is a lot nicer than first impressions but the slightly tacky TVs on the walls showing steak infomercials, and promotional posters in the windows take it down a peg from being a truly nice steakhouse - which is a crying shame because the food is fanatic (see below).

Also, while I was there, they had a promotion going on for £5 off your bill, which is all fine and well - everyone likes money off. However, staff were promoting this in the form of a full pitch at your table while you were waiting for (or sometimes in the middle of) your meal! Not ideal.

Also, waiting staff were disorganised with multiple waiters seeing our table which was causing some confusion. But staff were friendly, and service was fast!

What to Eat

Now the good bit. The Food! Everything else aside, the food at Rockit is fantastic. Well seasoned, tender meat, prepared exactly to order, and the steaks are served on sizzling hot plates! This place really won me over.

Wagyu Beef Burger
The wagyu beef burger was a brilliant choice. If you are a burger fanatic, then this will be up your street. The burger was juicy, well seasoned and the bun wasn't drying at all. As to be expected of a wagyu beef burger, it was really good quality meat.

Onion Rings
We ordered the burger with a side of onion rings which were so good I couldn't resist nicking some. Unlike a lot of places which serve you ready-made-from-the-freezer onion rings, these were freshly made with real onions and freshly made batter.

Rather than having a thick coating of bread-crumbs and a soggy onion inside, they were fresh and crunchy and for that reason, they were also much lighter than your average onion ring. Definitely worth ordering.

Fillet Steak
And now for the star of the show. The steak! I ordered a safe bet with a fillet steak and it was delicious. Excellent cut of clean meat, reasonably priced, well seasoned and served on a sizzling hot plate which really gets your taste buds going and keeps everything nice a warm throughout your meal.

Steak Chips
The steak chips were also good but nothing special. They are your average freezer steak chips made with mashed potato. Having said that, they are in no way a disappointment and I happily polished them off.

By the end of the meal I just wanted to grab the manager and say "hey! this place should be packed! Your food is great, get the rest together".

All in all, I would recommend this spot. Perhaps not for an occasion, but definitely for a casual steak catch up (if there is such a thing). You get what I mean.

Aisha xx 

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