Welcome to my wee blog of life hacks. It's more "life" and less "style". Hopefully, it makes you smile and gives you some helpful advice and ideas along the way.

About Me

I'm terrible at social media, I never take pics of anything and I'm shamelessly myself which means I have all the tools required to make a total hash of this (I'm trying to change). But turns out I love to blog - go figure. My sister got me started and now I just can't stop!

I’m from Glasgow but I now live in London (dirty traitor) in my wee flat with my lovely husband. I've got an M.A in Economics and I used to work in finance. Now, I'm studying for an M.A in War Studies and I'm going to try and save the world after that - standard.

What You Will Find in Flat 53

If you're looking for some modern living life hacks, check out my Coffee Chats section for a short compilation of first world problems and my musings on life. If you are looking for some office stories or tips on your career check out The Office section. If you are looking for some practical tips on looking after yourself check out my Wellbeing section, or perhaps you are just hungry and need a break, in that case, you should check out my Food and Travel sections.

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