I started Flat 53 for modern women living busy lives.

To me, modern women are smart and funny with relationships, careers, and a terrible tendency to eat too much chocolate and promise themselves they will work it off at the gym.

That's why I’m filling this blog with life hacks to help us overcome our modern life problems, chats about making positive improvements for ourselves and plenty of interesting facts and discussions so we can keep learning new and interesting things! It’s also full of modern life stories so we can laugh at ourselves and the things modern life throws up at us! 

About Me

I’m 26, I’m from Scotland and I now live in London in my little flat with my lovely husband (of almost a year!). He is a great source of laughs for me so you will probably come across his shenanigans on this blog.

I have an M.A in Economics from the University of Glasgow, I’ve worked in finance for 6 years, first on the investment banking side of things and now within the area of asset management. I originally worked in Edinburgh before moving to London and I am now taking a short career break to pursue an M.A in the area of War Studies, in Conflict Security and Development at Kings College London. I have a little humanitarian/political streak in me, I find the study of people, civilisations, history and politics extremely interesting and I think information should be made easily accessible for everyone which is why I also post up articles on things I find interesting and current in my Discussions section of this blog.

What You Will Find in Flat 53

You will find some down to earth honest advice and some laughs. So, if life is making you feel bad; check out my Coffee Chats section for some life hacks or just to have a good laugh and realise you aren’t alone! If you need some funny office stories or tips on your career check out The Office section. Maybe you feel like learning something new, you can check out my Discussions section or perhaps you are just hungry and need a break, in that case, you should check out my Food and Travel sections.

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