Picturehouse Central Café

The Picturehouse Central Café is one place I cannot resist. Whenever I am close to Piccadilly circus I have to stop by regardless of if I am on one of my alleged health-kicks. How I found this place is a bit of a funny story actually. I was meeting a friend for a Zumba class (good intentions), which unfortunately got cancelled, so....we ended up popping into a nearby café to at least have a catch-up....and ended up eating a lot of cake. Long story short, best cake EVER and henceforth became known as "the cake place".

Tea Party at Peggy Prorschen Review

It's October guys and I am panic cake eating because winter is coming and it will get dark at 4pm and I will go into hibernation like a small rodent like animal. So I decided to go on an ultimate pink tea party jaunt before the rain and darkness comes for me. Here is everything you need to know to plan your visit.
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