The Posh Burger Co.

I am due to jet set off to Goa soon, and so I should be trying to focus on getting my beach bod in order (seriously, I need to rule out holidays in winter so I can enjoy chubbing up at some point during the year). But, burgers...I might not get any in Goa. Needs must. So I decided to check out the Posh Burger Company.

Cocochan - Pan Asian Restaurant

The weather has been really good in London recently so I was looking for restaurants where I could sit outside. That is, a place other than my local Zizi’s which is pretty much my go to place. I decided to head off to St. Christopher’s place, just off Bond Street. There you will find a bunch of restaurants, all with outdoor seating and that is where I found Cocochan.


Lahore Kebab House

Even if you are never going to visit this place, you need to read this post because the Lahore Kebab House is something to behold.

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