Bath In A Day

Bath, named after the famous Roman Bath Houses that were built there (original, I know) is a picturesque little English town that is about a 3-hour drive from London, or 2.5 hours by train. Lovely husband and I headed there after a visit to Castle Combe and from there it’s only a half hour drive.


5 Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

Holiday season is here and I am planning my next getaway. Inspiration hasn't struck me yet, so if you have any good ideas let me know! Meanwhile, I thought I would give you some inspiration and tell you what I got up to on my visit to Malaysia. 

One Stays at One's Manor in Castle Combe

When you think of going on holiday, short UK trips don’t usually make the short list. You automatically think, “somewhere hot please!” Because of that, I don’t think I have traveled around the UK enough.
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